Brussels’ Colours attended by more than 7000 people

Over seven-thousand people attended Brussels’ Colours earlier on Saturday evening. The Brussels Colours targets to demonstrate that the cultural blend in Brussels is what makes the magnificent capital so rich. It is a convivial, lively, creative and open town.

brussels colours

The celebrations began in Beursschouwburg at around 4.30. There was tastings, concerts, street entertainment, as well as a ball at Stock Exchange. Around fifteen artists performed on interior as well as exterior stages, including Sharko, Puggy, Grand Jojo and Delta.

Meanwhile, Ryanair introduced a brand new route from Larnaca International Airport to Brussels, Zavantem. The new line will run two times a week every Monday and Friday. A flight arrival event was held on Monday morning at Larnaca airport for the introduction of the path from Brussels and the airline’s passengers were well greeted by officials of both Ryanair and Hermes Airports.

Chiara Ravara, the Eastern Mediterranean Sales and Marketing Director of Ryanair, told that Ryanair is pleased to come back to Larnaca Airport, with a brand new route to Brussels, offering even more theories for Cypriot customers to discover the beauties of Belgium. They have also seen traction the other way, with Belgians flying to Cyrpus to take go Yacht charter Greece.

She further added that their Cypriot passengers could still expect more upgrades in the coming months in the form of new aircraft interiors, more routes and new uniforms in keeping with the event ‘Always Getting Better’, when continuing to offer a lot more than just the lowest fares.

Hermes Airports CEO Wes Porter said that they are very happy with decision taken by Ryanair to come back and beef up the airline’s mien at Larnaca Airport even more.

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