Brussels Airlines set to bring Tintin to skies

Moulinsart and Brussels Airlines have revealed something that had never seen earlier – it is an Airbus A320 with a livery prompted by Tintin, the well known Belgian cartoon character. Both companies from Belgium have worked many months on this unique project, depending on the real drawings by Hergé himself.

In the presence of VIP guests and plane spotters, the Brussels Airlines as well as Moulinsart have offered the aircraft livery they have been working on for many months in secret. The result is a thirty seven meter long black shark, established on Professor Calculus’ shark submarine from the Tintin adventure, Red Rackham’s treasure.

The plane was baptized ‘Rackham’. The airline is looking for to promote the Belgian talents to the world, as it does for Belgian gastronomy with their Belgian Star Chefs event, its huge offer of Belgian products on board its planes, its collaboration with Belgian national football team The Red Devils as well as the world’s biggest music fest Tomorrowland.

Tintin, the historical cartoon character created by Hergé, who visits the world on adventurous journeys, is the real perfect travel collaborator for Brussels Airlines. Never before has the bequest Hergé have been translated onto the fuselage of an aircraft. Well, Hergé himself loved planes.

Nick Rodwell, director Moulinsart, told that this aircraft is a dream come true. The partnership with Brussels Airlines is a perfect marriage for them. He added that Tintin is all about Belgium, all about Brussels, where he was born, as was Hergé.

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| March 31st, 2015 | Posted in Brussels |

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